3 Richard-Bernard Fund scholarships in Canada in 2023-2024


We present to you the Richard-Bernard Fund scholarships to study in Canada for a doctorate during the 2023/2024 academic year, for foreign students.

You can see all the information on the Richard-Bernard Fund scholarships below.

Mainly, you will see the following 4 panes:

Scholarship requirements.
Scholarship admission requirements.
The deadline for applying.
How you can apply for a scholarship.
Apart from this scholarship, we also offer you our advice and assistance to see, for example, other scholarships abroad to study in other countries .

Students targeted by Richard-Bernard Fund Scholarships
Target Countries: All Countries,
Target Groups: All Groups.
Amount of scholarships from the Richard-Bernard Fund
Amount of the Scholarship per Year: Up to $5,000 CAD.
University of Guelph Scholarship Information
Organization offering the scholarship: Université Laval
City: Quebec
Level of study: doctorate
Scholarship for the University year: 2023-2024
Scholarship Name: Richard-Bernard Fund Scholarships
Dung Specialty: Biology and Oceanography
Date to Apply: 31/07/2023
Conditions of University Scholarships
There are many opportunities to apply for scholarships and various awards.

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Be sure to take the time to consider your options.

It is very important to plan for financial support when planning the next stage of your studies as a graduate student.

Financial planning for graduate students is a must.

The primary objective of Richard-Bernard Fund postgraduate scholarships is to encourage excellence during doctoral studies, including all scientific activities performed during the doctorate and to contribute to the completion of the thesis.

The call for applications is made at the beginning of each semester to students registered for a doctorate in biology or oceanography.

Apply for the Richard-Bernard Fund Scholarships in Canada
Please apply via the link below:

Apply for the scholarships


Official website: https://www.ulaval.ca/

You can also see other free scholarships in Canada at top Canadian universities .

Good luck !

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How to study in Canada for free? For foreigners

Example of a cover letter for a scholarship in Canada!

Example of CV for a scholarship in Canada!

How to apply for a scholarship in Canada?

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