Admission and enrollment in primary and secondary


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Admission and enrollment in primary and secondary


In order for your child to attend school, you will first need to apply to your neighborhood school. It is possible that your child will be subjected to a French knowledge test during an appointment with the admissions office. This will make it possible to determine whether he should receive reception and support services for learning French, either in a reception class or in a regular class according to the service organization models put in place in the commissions. school.

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You will be asked to submit originals or certified copies of documents such as the child’s birth certificate, school reports, documents certifying the child’s status in Canada, etc. The school will give you the exact list of documents to provide. If all the documents are in order, you can then proceed with the registration of your child.

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All school boards issue a public notice each year concerning the application for admission. The admission period begins in February or March, in anticipation of the start of the school year which takes place a few months later, usually at the end of August. You can, however, apply for admission at any time, but for admission to preschool education (kindergarten), it is generally recommended to apply before the end of June.

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