Alban-D’Amours scholarship on cooperation in Canada in 2022-2023


We present to you the Alban-D’Amours scholarship on cooperation to study in Canada at master’s and doctoral level during the 2023/2024 academic year, for foreign students.

You can see below all the information about the Alban-D’Amours scholarship on cooperation.

Mainly, you will see the following 4 panes:

Scholarship requirements.
The conditions of admission to the scholarship.
The deadline for applying.
How you can apply for a scholarship.
Apart from this scholarship, we also offer you our advice and assistance to see, for example, other scholarships abroad to study in other countries .

Students targeted by the Alban-D’Amours Cooperation Scholarship
Target Countries: All Countries,
Target Groups: All Groups.
Amount of the Alban-D’Amours scholarship on cooperation
Amount of the Scholarship: up to $4,000 CAD.
Alban-D’Amours Cooperation Scholarship Information
Organization offering the scholarship: Université Laval
City: Quebec
Level of study: master, doctorate
Scholarship for the University year: 2022-2023
Scholarship Name: Alban-D’Amours Cooperation Scholarship
Dung Specialty: Social Sciences
Date to Apply: 03/10/2022
Conditions of the University Scholarship
There are many opportunities to apply for scholarships and various awards.

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Be sure to take the time to consider your possibilities.

It is very important to plan for financial support when planning the next stage of your studies as a graduate student.

Financial planning for graduate students is a must.

The Alban-D’Amours scholarship program on cooperation emerges from the Alban-D’Amours support fund for university teaching activities on cooperation.

It aims to recognize the excellence of 2nd and 3rd cycle students whose study project gives a central place to cooperation, cooperatives and their innovations.

It exists thanks to the generosity of Mr. Alban d’Amours, Desjardins and donors to the Fund.

Apply for the Alban-D’Amours Fellowship on Cooperation in Canada
Please apply via the link below:

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Apply for the scholarship

Official website:

You can also see other free scholarships in Canada at top Canadian universities .

Good luck !

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