Discover 487 study opportunities and academic positions in the United Kingdom


Are you a student and looking for Undergraduate Scholarships, Biological Masters Scholarships and Ph.D. Scholarships? Here are the top Scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students for residents in the UK or beyond.
The British government and British universities offer a large number of scholarships to foreign students (Africa, Australia, Asia) who want to study in the United Kingdom.

Information about studying in the UK:

The UK is one of the top study abroad destinations. International students prefer to enroll in the UK for the following reasons.

‏Top Ranked Universities in the World: ‏Many universities that are renowned for the quality of teaching and the quality of research are based in the UK. By way of example, we can cite the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the Imperial College of London, the London School of Economics and Political Science, and the list is very long.

Scholarship Opportunities: UK universities offer multiple scholarship opportunities for international students. Be it Tuition Waiver, Partial Scholarship or Fully Funded Scholarships. This creates a good incentive for international students to enroll in a university in the UK.

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Post-Graduation Work Opportunities: International students can find different post-graduation work opportunities either in the UK or in international companies due to the high recognition of the degree obtained.


PhD and Research Opportunities: For students interested in academic careers, UK universities have top-notch research infrastructure, different research laboratories with high standards that will ensure your success in your research and your university career.

Post-Brexit Immigration Laws: The UK offers international students after graduation the right to a two-year residence permit to seek employment. The UK will establish a points-based non-EU immigration system for citizens of different countries.

Student accommodation:

Students looking for accommodation have different options:

University accommodation: universities have different university accommodation, however priority is always given to doctoral students.

Private rental: You can also contact the owner directly online, but this option is difficult, especially if you are not yet in the UK. You will be asked for a guarantor which you may not have. Site (student accommodation): If you are looking for student accommodation, you can try site accommodation ((UniAcco, Booking, Airbnb), they offer several accommodations in different cities in the UK for students. The whole process is online allowing you save a lot of time to find the right option.

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UK Student Visa Requirements: To apply for a UK visa, you need the following:

admission to university,

Bank account or scholarship to cover your expenses (£8000) per year the amount changes each year.

Ielts certificate score 6, this condition could be omitted.

Letter of accommodation,

Health insurance for one year,

Mina7 recommends the following universities:

Oxford University,

Cambridge University,

imperial college london,

London School of Economics Durham University,

Bristol University,

University of Exter University of Birmingham,

Queen Mary University,

University of Kent.

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