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Entrance scholarships in Canada, also called admission scholarships, are financial awards based on merit granted to new students, whether local or international, which show one or more of the following elements: Excellence Academic, leadership capacities, extra-curricular involvement, contributions to community life, exceptional scientific research proposals, sports performance or any other form of excellence.

If you are a Canadian high school student or a foreign student who intends to study in Canada and register at a Canadian university, the first type of scholarship or price you need to search is the entrance grant.

Most entry scholarships do not require a separate request. Students are automatically taken into account when applying for admission to any program and at any level: Bachelor, Mastery, Doctorate, Postdoctorate and Research.

Some entry grants in Canada can be offered according to financial needs, but they are limited in terms of number and value. In addition, you must ask them separately and express your need explicitly.

In general, the entrance grants are very competitive. The better your file, the larger your chances.

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Now here is the full list of entry scholarships in Canadian public universities:

1. University of Toronto
The U of T offers more than 5105 separate scholarships to undergraduate students and more than 2,400 scholarships for graduate students and postdoctoral scholarship holders.

Overall, the university, its colleges, its faculties and its divisions grant approximately 4,500 entrance grants which total nearly $ 20 million.

Consult the full list of Entrance scholarships at the University of Toronto for undergraduate students: undergraduate entrance grants

Consult the list of entry scholarships from the University of Toronto for third cycle students: Entrance scholarships for graduates

2. University of York
The University of York has many options to offer in terms of scholarships for future students. Whether you are a Canadian or international candidate, there are entrance grants for everyone.

The following entrance grants are only aimed at candidates for Canadian secondary schools:

Automatic entrance scholarships at York University
Schulich Leader scholarships
Visionary leadership purse avie Bennett
Governors’ distinction prices (John S. Proctor entrance grant and entry scholarship)
Honderich scholarship
Bennett Avie Bourse
Chancellor Bennett entry prize for the WestView partnership
Prize of excellence
Entrance grant for families of former students Harry Arthurs
Renewable athletic purse of the University of York
President’s scholarships
Chancellor’s entrance grant Cory
Entrance scholarship for mature students from the University of York
Provost’s Award
The following list of entry scholarships is intended for international candidates:

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International Entrance Entrance Exchange
Tomorrow’s world leader prize for international students
Academic scholarships at the University of York for international students

Automatic entry scholarships at the University of York
Entrance scholarships at the talents of the University of York
Undergraduate leadership scholarships in liberal arts and international professional studies
Liberal Arts &; Professional Studies International Student Hins Scholarship
Lassonde entrance grants
Entrance grant Columbia International Faculty of Liberal Arts & Amp; Professional Studies
Entry scholarship at the Faculty of Sciences
York Science Studies Exchange
Glendon International Scholarship
The Annie Demirjian ’77 Scholarship
3. University of British Columbia
As soon as you receive an admission offer to the UBC, you will be automatically considered for these merit -based scholarships. The consideration is based on your demonstrated academic results and your parascolary participation:

Entrance scholarship to the international major: $ 40,000.
Exceptional international student scholarship: up to all tuition fees and registration fees.
4. University of Waterloo
Each year, the University of Waterloo offers many entrance grants and prices to exceptional students. Entrance scholarships are also available to help students in need. You will be automatically taken into account for the majority of study scholarships

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