Find a scholarship to study in England:


University fees in England are not accessible to everyone, even less since the 2012 reform leading to a more than substantial increase in them. Fortunately, many scholarships exist for French students wishing to study in England, of which here is a non-exhaustive list!


A scholarship in England, the official scholarships:

Financing your postgraduate studies in England

The majority of students go to study in England as part of a Postgraduate level program , so here are the different possibilities for successfully financing training within the English university in: ” How to finance your Postgraduate program ?”



Scholarships in England for international students

Most universities in England now offer scholarships to the best international students every year, covering part or all of the university fees there . Find out more in International Student Scholarships .

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The Accord Cordiale Scholarship

The Entente Cordiale scholarship is a scholarship directly intended for French students wishing to study at a university in England . To obtain it, it is towards the British Council that it will be necessary to turn, learn more in ” The Cordial Entente Scholarship “.



The Research Council ScholarshipPostgraduate students, i.e. Masters or Doctorate, an English Research Council scholarship is available on application. Applications are made through your host university as described in “ The Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship ”.

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A scholarship in England, foundations and other solutions:

Scholarships in France

France also offers scholarships for students wishing to study abroad. Often open to all, they vary according to the department and region of origin of the student. To find out more, go to: ” Scholarships in France “.



Government loans in EnglandAnother possibility is to take out a low-interest loan offered by the British government. It must make it possible to finance its studies at the lowest rate, and only begin to reimburse once a job has been found. More info in “ Government loans in England ”.






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