Five Podcasts Every Business Leader Must Listen To

Podcasts are incredibly useful tools to help further our understanding of the world around us and see things from a different perspective. What makes podcasts so convenient is how easily they fit around other activities, making them ideal for busy individuals. You can tune in while cooking dinner, commuting, or even at the gym.

In the past few years, podcasts have really come to the forefront of modern media. It seems as though everyone – from actors and comedians to entrepreneurs and investors – has dabbled in the art. However, not all podcasts are created equally. While I encourage anyone to listen to whichever ones they enjoy – and there are some hilarious ones out there! – this list includes my tried-and-tested favorites that are a must-listen for any business leader or entrepreneur.

Today in Focus‘ by The Guardian

We are more connected with the news than ever before, with 24/7 coverage, email updates and notifications that keep us up to date with daily events across the world. ‘Today in Focus’ takes a step beyond simply listening to the news and digs a little deeper, giving the listener a better understanding of current affairs. Topics range from breaking stories to wider themes and cultural episodes, so you can learn new insights as well as looking at the big picture. With episodes every weekday, this is a great listen for your commute.

‘The Journal’ by The Wall Street Journal & Gimlet

I can’t get enough of this podcast. It describes itself as “a podcast about money, business and power”, but it inevitably crosses over into the realms of politics, news and science. While its primary focus is American business, I recommend that those residing outside of the States also delve in, as so many of the topics they cover are global. Plus, the USA has the biggest economy in the world, so when it comes to financial discussions it cannot be ignored. Episodes come out every weekday, making it a great source for the very latest business news which every aspiring leader needs to be across.

‘Bad Blood, The Final Chapter’ by Three Uncanny Four

Stepping away from the news and towards a real-life fraud case, this podcast explores the fascinating story of Elizabeth Holmes. Holmes, founder of blood testing startup Theranos, was once the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire. She’s now been charged with leading a huge fraud, with a potential prison sentence of 20 years if convicted. For true crime lovers this is a great podcast. However with an upcoming television series on the case, it’s likely this story will move into the realms of mainstream media, so being clued up on the facts before the series is released will stand you in good stead for watercooler chat in the office. The case should also act as a word of warning for tech entrepreneurs and investors. If it sounds too good to be true: it probably is.

‘That Tech Show’ By Samuel Gregory & Chris Addams

This list would be incomplete without a mention of a tech podcast. As a business owner, it’s imperative to be aware of the latest tech developments, as there are a myriad of apps and inventions to help businesses thrive. The dynamic duo that is Chris Addams and Samuel Gregory explore the latest tech inventions from the everyday to the remarkable, with featured guests on most episodes. If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest tech news, apps and inventions, without needing to do your own research, subscribe to this podcast.

‘The Property Podcast’ by Rob Bence & Rob Dix

Whether you’re an experienced property investor or are just starting out, this podcast is essential. A different property-related topic is discussed each week, and the Robs use their distinguished expertise to enlighten listeners. They both invest in UK property, so you can be sure they’re worth their salt. I have lots of experience in property development – including launching co-working spaces in central London – and can confirm that this podcast is an informative and insightful listen.

From property to news, science to tech, there’s a podcast for every topic and there will always be one to suit you. Podcasts can be accessed via most streaming platforms, or you can often go directly to the podcast’s website to listen. Have I missed any of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below.


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