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What about scholarships?
Through Calvin-Thomas, students participating in the Campus Access program are guaranteed a USA scholarship. This scholarship generally covers between 40% and 60% of the cost of studies, accommodation and half-board, over the entire duration of their course (up to 4 years).

A developed network of universities
Why go through Campus Access?
A unique system in the world

A developed network of universities
Calvin-Thomas guarantees a substantial USA scholarship to all participants in the Campus Access program. Our close collaboration with American universities explains the latter’s confidence in our organization and our partners, and justifies the allocation of significant scholarships.

First of all, it should be noted that scholarships are open to all students regardless of the income of the student or his parents in France.

The scholarships obtained with the help of Campus Access cover a significant part of the university fees , which allows a foreign student to really consider his studies in the United States. This amount is defined according to the university establishment, the formula chosen and the participant’s file.

a substantial USA scholarship
set up a scholarship application for the United States
Calvin-Thomas carries out the procedures for applying for scholarships in various American universities for the candidate. The participant completes only one registration file .

Thus, it is Calvin-Thomas who negotiates directly with the universities for each of his participants so that he obtains the highest scholarship amount . It guarantees him a minimum scholarship amount upon registration.

A wide choice of universities is then offered to the student. A USA scholarship amount is set for each proposal. But, ultimately, it is the participant in the Campus Access program who, in the end, and after studying the various proposals (field of study, global price, location), chooses his destination, his university establishment and therefore the amount of the scholarship from which he may benefit.

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The cost of the year of study in the United States can then be precisely defined , before the participant’s departure.

scholarship in the United States

Why go through Campus Access to obtain a scholarship in the United States?
The long and close collaboration between Campus Access and American universities explains the confidence of the latter (administrative knowledge, follow-up of files, relevance in the selection of candidates and the choice of universities, etc.) and justifies the awarding of scholarships. substantial studies.

In summary, going through Calvin-Thomas to obtain an American university scholarship is a good option:

Because the USA scholarship guaranteed by Campus Access is substantial.
Because we are guaranteed to obtain a university registration coupled with a scholarship , from the moment we are selected by Campus Access. This is absolutely not the case when you present your file as a free candidate.
Because we only fill out one registration file. Campus Access manages your request throughout the United States, offers you a wide choice of universities (up to 9 establishments).
Because Campus Access is present in the United States throughout the year, to negotiate scholarships and support its students’ files.
Because the Campus Access know-how and the reliability of its networks make the project viable (registration, visa, administration, preparation, follow-up, etc.).

A unique system in the world
The real cost of studies in the USA is indicated, even if a large part is deducted in the form of scholarships. It is indeed common for an American student to win a scholarship.
This transparency does not only have drawbacks. It reflects the economic reality, the independent management of universities, the real value of studies.


Beyond the tradition of welcoming specific to the country and the American education system (culture of exchange, concern for identifying and “capturing brains”, etc.), it should be noted that all American universities must register a certain number of foreign students , if they want to obtain certain accreditations.

A foreign student is also of interest to an American university because he brings something new to this university : investment, open-mindedness, involvement in studies, academic and/or sports skills, etc.

university scholarships for USA
American scholarships dedicated to foreign students
Foreign students who request it via competent organizations, such as Calvin-Thomas, can thus obtain financial aid to study in these American universities. It should be noted that the scholarship funds dedicated to foreign students are completely independent of those intended for native students.

For economic and cultural reasons, it turns out that student demand from countries in Asia and the Middle East is very high. To balance this demand, American universities seek to encourage European students in particular to enroll in their establishments. And it is for this reason in particular that they facilitate their access to scholarships.

French students can benefit from this fact.

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