Grand scholarship competition 2022 / Scholarships for students with disabilities


Submission deadline
September 19, 2022
More than 20 scholarships for students with disabilities, offered as part of the Scholarship Competition. A single form to fill out for the 4 sections.

Eligibility requirements for all scholarships

Be registered for 6 credits or more at UdeM in the fall of 2022 in a recognized study program (excludes free studies, incoming exchanges and correction statuses);
Be in a permanent disability situation recognized by the Office of Support for Students with Disabilities at UdeM (SESH) or Aide financière aux études du Québec (AFE);
Demonstrate perseverance in his studies.
If you meet these three eligibility requirements, apply!

Additional eligibility conditions, specific to the different scholarships in the competition.

Bursary for students with disabilities from Student Life Services:

No additional criteria.

Lucille Tremblay scholarships:
Have a permanent physical disability;
Demonstrate financial need;
Have excellent academic results.

Scholarship from the UdeM Retiree Fund for students with disabilities (new scholarship!):

Have a disability other than visual, motor or hearing.

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Bursary from the student life services participation-integration fund (new bursary!)

No additional criteria.

One Thousand and One Trades Inc scholarships:

Howard W. Lacey, Lise Arseneault, Robert E. Goudreau, Alan Short, Gary Lussey, Ron Constantin scholarships:

No additional criteria.

Claire McNicoll, M. K. Fitzpatrick Scholarships:
Be enrolled in the 1st cycle.

Julien Raymond scholarships:

Being blind or visually impaired.

David Gaboury scholarships:

Being deaf or hard of hearing.

Paul Foster Scholarships:
Be in a situation of permanent auditory, visual or motor disability;
Demonstrate financial need.

Florence Michaud scholarships:

Be in their first year of university studies;
Be admitted for the first time to an undergraduate university program;
Demonstrate financial need.

Rhoda Weiss-Lambrou scholarships:

Be admitted for the first time to an undergraduate university program;
Be in a situation of permanent auditory, visual or motor disability;
Demonstrate financial need.

Targeted fields of study
Administration and management
Arts and music
Economy and politics
Teaching and educational sciences
Environment and Sustainable Development
Letters and languages
Science of life
Health Sciences
Social science
Pure sciences and applied sciences
Social Sciences
Social sciences: intervention
Information and Communications Technology
Theology and Religious Studies
Other information
The Great Scholarship Competition will begin on Monday, August 22 at 9:00 a.m. and end on Monday, September 19 at 4:00 p.m. We advise you to allow sufficient time between the submission of your application and the closing of the competition; in the event of a technical problem, contact us before the closing date and time.

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Before applying for these scholarships, make sure you meet the basic eligibility requirements. The specific conditions of any scholarships offered will be considered during selection.

Responses to the competition will be communicated in January 2023.


Scholarships – Student life services
[email protected]
J.A. DeSève Pavilion, 4th floor
2332, boul. Edouard-Montpetit, Montreal
(Edouard-Montpetit Metro)

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