As soon as the wishes for registration in higher education are entered on Parcoursup, and without waiting to know the answer, it is important to apply for a scholarship or accommodation for the next academic year.

Senior high school students and students are invited to apply for a Crous scholarship and/or accommodation for the 2022/2023 academic year, now: the student social file procedure is open from January 20 until May 15, 2022. It is carried out without waiting for his final assignment in training. In the event of a complete file submitted before May 15, and to allow everyone to start the university year in the best possible conditions, the payment of the scholarship may take place from August 31.

From this Thursday, January 20 and until May 15, 2022 at the latest, senior high school students and students can therefore apply for a scholarship and/or accommodation in a Crous residence, for the 2022-2023 academic year.
To apply for a scholarship and/or accommodation in a university residence, it is necessary to compile a student social file (DSE) on the website. This is the only procedure.

Who is concerned ?
– Students and senior high school students with a view to continuing their studies in higher education next year;
– Current scholarship students who wish to renew their scholarship application for the coming academic year.

What amounts?
Higher education scholarships are granted for ten months, from September to June inclusive. The amount paid is between €103.2 per month and €567.9 per month and depends on the income and situation of the student and his family… The grants are paid on the 5th of each month to the bank account of the student, this period possibly varying according to bank delays which are between 5 and 15 days depending on the student’s bank.

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Scholarships are not the only aid available to students. To discover all the existing national aid, you can consult the DSE guide and for any practical question, you can find an answer here.

How to apply for a scholarship by compiling your student social file?
To apply, you must log on to or open an account there.
Once connected, the process is carried out by clicking on the “Request for Student Social File (DSE)” brick. The DSE must be entered between January 20 and May 15, 2022 for the 2022/2023 school year. It can be completed in several stages and all supporting documents are now entirely submitted online.
Once the student social file has been submitted, an email is translated either to confirm receipt of the file, or to request the transmission of additional documents as soon as possible.
In addition, the website has a scholarship simulator that allows students to check whether or not they can benefit from a scholarship and to calculate the indicative amount thereof.

And then ?
Once the instruction has been completed, the Crous sends a conditional scholarship notification by e-mail. This is a first response, which indicates the scholarship level according to the study wishes indicated. The conditional scholarship notification must be presented to the establishment where the 2022/2023 academic year will be followed, during the administrative and pedagogical registration.
Thanks to the conditional notification, exemption from the student life and campus contribution is automatic and it is possible to benefit from the one-euro meal in a university restaurant from the start of the school year.
Once registration is complete, the higher education establishment sends the Crous the schooling certificate and the Crous then sends the student the final scholarship notification.
For any complete file with pedagogical and administrative registration sent at the end of July, the first monthly payment in September can be submitted from the end of August for the start of the 2022 academic year.

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How does the housing application work?
For the housing request, the process is also carried out on the website when compiling the student social file. Even if a student is not eligible for a scholarship, he can benefit from accommodation in a university residence, but accommodation is allocated in priority to students with low resources.
To apply for accommodation, it is imperative to tick the box “request accommodation” in the student social file. In May, the student will receive an email with the procedures to follow to specify his request (location, type of accommodation, etc.).

About the CROUS
The Crous’ mission is to improve the living conditions of students on a daily basis and constitute a unique network in France of 27 establishments.

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