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Scholarships for future undergraduate students
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Overview of Centrally Administered Entrance Scholarships
The McGill Student Financial Aid and Scholarships Service offers merit-based entrance scholarships to students entering their first university studies in a full-time undergraduate program.

The following categories of students are not eligible for these scholarships: transfer student, mature student, student participating in an exchange program, student with special status, part-time student and visiting student.

There are two types of centrally administered admission scholarships:

ONE-year scholarships , worth $3,000 (non-renewable)
MAJOR scholarships , worth $3,000 to $12,000 (renewable for three or four years, provided the renewal criteria are met)
Recipients of McGill scholarships should familiarize themselves with all regulations pertaining to both ONE year and MAJOR admission scholarships.

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Faculty-specific admission scholarships
Some McGill faculties offer their own entrance scholarships. This is particularly the case for the following faculties: Law , Medicine , Dentistry and Oral Health Sciences , and Music . We invite you to consult the websites and admissions services of the various faculties for more information. You must also remember that these scholarships are not transferable in the event of a change of faculty.

Please note : Applicants with a university degree applying for admission in Law, Medicine and Dentistry and Oral Health Sciences who wish to obtain information about scholarships should inquire with their respective faculties.

Additional financial assistance
If you are the recipient of an admission scholarship and you need additional financial assistance for your studies at McGill, you should consider that your scholarship is only one element of a financial assistance package.

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These supports could include:

government aid
the work-study program
McGill financial aid programs (loans and bursaries).
Many aids from outside sources are also offered each year by a host of associations, companies, organizations and foundations. New scholarship programs are constantly being created. We strongly advise you to apply for all scholarships for which you may be eligible and to check our website regularly for up-to-date information on new financial aid opportunities.

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