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University studies in the United States (Go Campus)
PIE allows all European students, aged 17 to 28, to study and live on an American campus for 1 to 4 years (or even a semester). PIE has developed a powerful network of universities in the United States. The association undertakes to obtain substantial financial assistance from these universities for each participant in the program. This special ” study grant ” for foreign students — a kind of Erasmus USA — allows you to drastically reduce the cost of studying in the United States and to become bilingual in English.

The student can conceive the PIE/GO Campus program as a gap year or engage in a full cycle and a diploma (knowing that the scholarship is valid until graduation).

Conditions of participation in the program
> Be between 17 and 28 years old.
> Hold a baccalaureate (registration possible from the final year) or be engaged in higher education.
> Being a European citizen.


The advantages of the program
Guaranteed financial aid / Drastic reduction in the cost of studies thanks to a scholarship
PIE guarantees all its participants a significant reduction in the cost of studies: scholarship + accommodation + food .

Guaranteed enrollment on an American campus
PIE guarantees all its participants enrollment in an American university.

Real universities, real campuses
Students are enrolled in “classic” American universities attended by American students (and not in summer schools or parallel, non-degree programs intended for foreigners only).

A network of quality universities
PIE collaborates with a large number of universities, distributed throughout the American territory; these universities are selected for the quality of their teaching and their infrastructures as well as for the amount of scholarships granted.

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A diploma course
The PIE/GO CAMPUS student (can obtain, at the end of his American training, a “Bachelor’s Degree” (equivalent European Master 1) or a “Master’s Degree” (equivalent European Master 2).

An alternative to Erasmus to study in English abroad
PIE CAMPUS, which allows all French students to follow a semester or a year of study in the USA, is similar to what the Erasmus program in England was like before Brexit: studies in English with a scholarship at the key.

A possible upgrade in English
The student can consider taking part in the PIE CAMPUS program, whatever their level of English. He can indeed follow a semester of upgrading in English, as part of a specific training (ESL). This training for foreigners is provided in the university and allows them to integrate, in stride, the classic curriculum.

The best training to become bilingual in English
By staying and studying on an American campus over the long term, the young Frenchman is guaranteed to practice the English language 24 hours a day. He benefits from complete immersion and has the best assets to become/return bilingual.

Great flexibility in terms of duration
Possibility of following from 1 semester to 4 years of study. The student adapts his project year after year by benefiting from financial aid (or scholarship) over the entire duration of his study cycle. The course can be designed:
> as a one-year or one-semester break ( Parcoursup );
> or as a complete study cycle leading to a diploma.

Possibility of integrating the American university system during the course
Possibility, depending on your level of studies, of obtaining equivalences, in order to integrate the American university system in the 2nd , 3rd or 4th year ( or even in MBA), to obtain the equivalent of a European Masters 2.

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Departure date flexibility
Insofar as American universities design studies by semester and not by year, the European student can integrate the university in August or January, without this in any way affecting his year of study or his course.

Flexibility in choosing your field of study
Possibility of changing your study project during the year (without necessarily having to wait 12 months) to change your mind (eg: bad orientation, evolution of your preferred field of study, “Parcoursup” wishes not granted …).
Possibility, in some cases, of completing a full course in 7 semesters instead of 8 (thus in 3 and a half years instead of 4)

An asset in training
The PIE/GO Campus program is part of a global training course. If the student plans to study for a year in the United States, his project will fit perfectly into the framework of the gap year supervised by “Parcoursup” . At the end of his year, he will be able, on the strength of his achievements, to integrate or reintegrate his university establishment with ease. If the student plans to follow his entire cycle of studies in the United States, he will graduate from the American university.

training for life
A year or an entire cycle of studies on an American campus is invaluable from a professional and personal point of view, and with regard to acquired knowledge (linguistics, field of study, integration, experience, etc.).

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