We appreciate all those who participated in the celebration of the World Dog Day, and we tell you about the prizes.

Benito, abandonado y rescatado por la protectora, en su nueva vida.

El 21 de julio de 2022 fue el World Dog Day, lo que celebramos en ReconquistaHOY/Radio y en las redes sociales de ReconquistaHOY, donde centenares de vecinos showra y contaron el amor por sus mascotas, lo que agratesimos.

Valoramos a quienes cuidan sus mascotas, las mantenien limpias y sanas. Eso hace a la salud integral de la población.

We also took advantage of the opportunity from ReconquistaHOY to highlight and appreciate the invaluable contribution made by the protectors who from different organizations have given their time, vehicles and money to improve the quality of life of pets and the entire population. También, porque siembran conciencia sobre la importancia de adoptar mascotas rescatadas en lugar de comprarlas; while conjointly with the municipalities, they advance with massive castrations and vaccinations, in a region where, regrettably, there are many irresponsibles who abandon children in public spaces and rural roads, por lo que pelulan animals sueltos, sin atención sanitaria, y recurrentemente protagonistas de siniestros viales . Motorcyclists are also those who usually get injured by this same action of abandonment.

The intention of the World Dog Day, no es solo para celebrar a nuestras mascotas, sino que It aims to make people aware of the importance of giving them a dignified life and, in addition, to take action against the huge number of dogs that have been abandoned to their fate, or that are still waiting for a family to adopt them in some shelter.

This global event was created in 2004, motivated by the incommensurable importance of these animals in the daily lives of human beings and the need to put an end to animal abuse.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 70% of dogs in the world do not have a home.

Other ephemerides associated with the celebration of World Dog Day, with dogs as protagonists, are the following:

Día del Perro Sin Raza (May 28).

Día de llevar al Perro a la Oficina (June 21).

Día Internacional del Perro Callejero (last Sunday of July).

Día del Perro Adoptado (September 23).

Día del Perro de Trabajo (December 6).

When is Dog Day in Argentina?

Since 1996, the National Day of the Dog has been commemorated in the Argentine territory, by the initiative of the journalist and poet Cora Cané, who died in 2016. Ella wanted to remember the hazañas of Chonino, back in the 80s. The dog was a German sheepdog with long hair and large size that worked together with the Federal Police.

Every June 2, the National Day of the Dog is celebrated, in honor of Chonino, who died in full service while working with a guide, the sub-officer Luis Sibert, who in turn shared tasks with another agent, Jorge Iani.

Cerca de las 20 se toparon con dos personas whose attitudes seemed suspicious, por lo que decided to stop them and request them for documentation to identify them, but immediately, the men initiated a shootout in which they hired the officers.

Sibert, en el piso y gravemente herido, le dio la voz a Chonino to actuar y el animal commenzo correr hacia los delincuentes, alcanzando a uno. When he saw it, the otro maleante shot a bullet against him that crossed his torso and that’s how they managed to escape.

Con las ultimas fuerzas, Chonino se acercó a su guía y murió en su regazo. If the dog’s body was still, its jaw seemed tense and, upon observing it, the officers noticed that it was biting a piece of cloth, which turned out to be the pocket of one of the criminals who had documents inside that allowed them to be detained for days más tarde (Ambito.com).

Tizi, de Florencia Saide; Morena, de Norma Aguilar; y Max, de Gisela Soto, ganaron órdenes de compra en Product Prieto, de Bolivar 1160, por $2,000.- cada una.

Chiqui, by Guillermo Dolzani; Angie, de Jésica Insaurralde; y Goofy, de Gisela Cian: Mantas de Polar Soft, gentileza de Pet Planet, Gral López 785.

Keiko and Tobías, de Ariel Ruiz: una cucha; y Sheila, de Eliana Geimonat, comedero y bebedero, ambos regalos, gentileza de Noah’s Ark de P. Diez esq. Olessio.

Pet Planet, Gral López 785. Gracias por sumarse al festejo del Día Mundial del Perro, en ReconquistaHOY!!!

“El Arca de Noé” (P. Diez y Olessio) also celebrates in ReconquistaHOY the Mundial Day of the Dog.

Productos Prieto (Bolívar 1160), se suma a la celebración del Día Mundial del Perro en ReconquistaHOY. ¡Bienvenidos!

If you advertise in ReconquistaHOY, on the radio and on the internet, you will make sure you reach the whole world!!! Consultá con nuestro experto: Timoteo, al 3482-552294

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